where is my money from US Royalty Withholding Tax?

Hi, could you tell me how and when I can expect money from US Royalty Withholding Tax from last year? (2017)

It’s in the hands of the IRS. You can only get it back from your government, and only if your government has tax treaties with the USA.

You should have received a tax form for 2017 with the total withheld taxes on it alongside your earnings; this is what you would use when filing your taxes.

Yes :), I’ve recived two forms from envato for 2017, so now I must to send these documents to my local tax office?

Hi! Sorry to sneak in here, but in the case one’s goverment has not treaties with the USA, you’re not entitled to claim the withholding taxes, am I right?

Thanks a lot!

I would assume that you’re correct. But I’m definitely no tax expert.

For any solid answers I would highly recommend reaching out to taxinfo@envato.com - these guys are awesome and will help clear things up for you.

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Will do! Thanks a lot for the info!