Where is AJ Contests?

Dear Envato Administration!
It’s been a long time ago when the last music creation thematic contest started. So maybe it’s time to start some new interesting event?
We think that contests is the best motivation element of creation music on Envato AJ. Everybody wants to compete for a prize like “Featured item of the week”, and “Featured author of the week”.


Yes, it’s really motivating and inspiring. Struggle and participation in competitions is very cool :blush:

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Surely revenue from sales is the best motivation?

Sure, every one search for his own way, but contests and prizes make us stronger, because it’s more visible targets! :wink:

Hey @RedLionProduction, thanks for the feedback! We love AJ contests too! Our goals often change and our contests are always tied to internal goals so while there might not be any immediate AJ contests planned or in the works, we definitely have some ideas up our sleeves and things could change in the near future.

In the meantime, any author can win a featured item spot via our T-shirt design contest that we’re running at the moment. If you’re not a designer yourself, get a friend, relative, a team member, or even another community member to help you out. Meanwhile, we know the AJ community love the featured item prizes so we’ll be sure to use these incentives again next time we run a contest. Thanks again for the feedback! :slight_smile: