Where is a Cash Register (POS) software?

I need a software to manage products and sales from a tactile cash register.
To add the products to the customer’s list and have them add up.
I must also add a Barcode reader add products directly with this reader
Is there something similar on the market?
thank you

An example of what I need is the software that these Amazon devices have


You won’t find that on any stock marketplace.

It’s far too specialised and dependent on external factors such as the barcode reader/pos device etc.

Also with respect - using $100 solution to handle such important data is not very responsible and there’s a reason why purpose built tech for this is as expensive as it is

Thanks for your answer.
I don’t think it’s something that important, it’s just software to manage products. It’s a cash register, it’s not a financial system.
Something similar to WooCommerce, and WooCommerce is free
Maybe I haven’t explained well what I’m looking for

Thanks, I’ll keep looking

There are these Pos Stock Plugins, Code & Scripts | CodeCanyon

But your ask would still depend on the cash register and the software used there (of which there will be huge mix of potential options) which makes it difficult to find a one size fits all option

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