Where I can find freelancers here??

Hello I am new and I need professionel help for my shop on Prestashop : I can’t find the place where are allt he freelancers !
Where is ist please?? Somebody told me, I can find Freelancers here from around the whole world !
Thank you for help !

https://studio.envato.com/ I hope you will be able to find a specialist at the appropriate level. By the way, it would be interesting to know why Envato stopped to add new freelancers there.

hello, I don’t know where it is, maybe in “Community”? You don’t know it? As I am new, I hav’nt known about it, that they stop to add new freelancers. But I heard that there are very good freelancers over here.

The second part of my answer was rhetorical :slight_smile: You are right, there really are a lot of excellent specialists who know and love their work. Good luck to your project.