where I can find a theme like this one

I know is not a wordpress site but you know something similar to the syte of creditcards.com

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Hey There,

I have developed previously something like that for a client.
You wimight find a theme that works for oyu, but there is a lot of work behind for search, adding the cards etc.
And as those type of sites, generate around 10.000$ / month ( he is still my client I know his numbers :wink: ), there is a lot of work to do to get those numbers

I do not quite understand why you say alot of work, if fundamentally that site requires simple css, nothing more special, upload the card ( post ) is with wordpress no with the theme. but how much for develop a site like that ?

No, it is not.
There is a backend behind, handling most of the things and the affiliation with the cards.
It is not always what you see, but there are stuff behind that you can not se but you can learn.