Where does all the traffic go?

I’ve been in this marketplace for the last 10 years and have published a few themes in this period. I’ve published a new theme in WordPress “Portfolio” category today after a long time and I’m amazed since google analytics show a couple of visitors only in the last 30 minutes.

It was not the case last time when I published the theme because back then I was constantly having 10-20 visitors on avg at-least for the first day.

So what happened now? Where does all the traffic go?

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Do you still get traffic and sales from your other items? I am thinking of releasing a new WordPress plugin on CodeCanyon, but I am a bit worried that the exclusivity and low amounts of traffic might not be the best way to go.

Something happened on 25th of march. All sales suddenly stopped.

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Well, it turns out Google Analytics’ new version is acting funny and is not reporting true numbers. I installed https://plausible.io/ and it shows that I got 200 unique visitors in 24 hours’ time. However, still no sale.

maybe its a fake traffic or irrelevant


How did you install plausible on the item page? Or is it on your own website?

How to detect fake traffic? This is how it looks like:

No, it’s not on item page. It’s on theme preview.