Where do you go for custom audio watermarks?

I am wondering where other authors might go for a quality voice watermark to use on their music when advertising tracks on Soundcloud, YouTube, etc.
I know the easy route is to use the AudioJungle watermark, but I am interested in one more specific to me. Looking at Fiverr, there are not a lot of good options for me. They are basically all hip-hop producer tags and do not sound good for cinematic, corporate, etc. music types.
Does anyone have any other suggestions? I could make one myself, but my voice is uninteresting. I am thinking something more like the Premium Beat watermark.


Yes, definitely go to Fiverr for that. Browse for something like female/male audio book, female/male game voice talent. I recently hired Lydia for a video game and man, she nailed it. A watermark should be a piece of cake.

Alright thanks. I guess I just have to look a little harder.