Where do you get Picture for HTML and Wordpress Websites?

Hi friends,

I was wondering if you have some cool suggestions on where to find Cool Photos for HTML and Woocommerce Themes. I see that the latest Woocommerce templates are full of Fashion posing models but I don’t know if those photos are downloaded for free or bought in a specific market. I saw the Asset Library provided by Envato, but those photo does not fit with common woocommerce subjects…Any Idea?

Thank you!

Check here: https://medium.com/@de/resources-799d16952a56

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Very Nice Resource! I see that in products display page, very often, are shown some models pictures with famous dress (Like Armani or other Companies): is that allowed in theme preview?

i will also take a look at this guys, it looks interesting, thanks for the topic, cool to read about this :wink:

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