Where do I hire voice actors?

I don’t even know if Envato still does this anymore because I haven’t sen much recently. I want to hire someone to say a few words in a professional and specific way, but I can’t find where I hire voice actors from Envato, there’s just no visibility for them. Does anyone have a link for where I find voice actors?

Envato Studio has a few good Voice Actors.

We also have an amazing and incredibly gifted voice over guy who did our item support video.

Great! Thank you for that information. There’s a couple questions I have about it if you are still available.
One is: if I only want like 3 words, where is a price package to hire someone for that little?
And then two: can you sell audio that contains their voice acting on AJ and/or other stock platforms? The license agreement for Envato studio wasn’t clear about this to me.