where do I go from here?




I have recently downloaded a great template for my site which of course came in ZIP which I downloaded. Since then I have been unable to view or do anything else with what I paid for.

I since then gave up and asked for a refund to which had no reply, I further continued my search via Google for a simple booklet design I could edit for my company and I keep on coming up with this site.

I accept the fact this is a great place to be so it looks like I will be spending more cash, which is no issue but I just need to be able to produce what I have in mind for my booklet.

What am I doing so wrong that I can’t share this great service?

Thank you in advance,




What’s in the Zip folder? Why can you not view or edit it? Do you have the right software to use to open and work on the file?


Believe it or not, a lot of people don’t know what a “zipped” folder is or how to view/open it.

It all depends on what machine/OS you’re using and may be a little different based on the environment/OS.

A good solid solution for opening/viewing zipped folders is 7Zip, it’s 100% free and works in all OS’.


So first, log into your Envato Marketplace account and once logged in, locate the “Downloads”.

Find in your Downloads page the item you’ve purchased and re-download it to your computer.

Using 7Zip, you can extract the zipped folder so it will now be a folder on your computer like others.

Open it up and chances are there will be some sort of Help file or Documentation within it.

From there, you’ll need to follow the instructions. Though the instructions may be outlining the item and not particularly telling you how to edit/manage/use the software/programs that may be required in editing it. For example, buying a WordPress theme, it’s our objective as an author to tell you how to USE OUR THEME, but it is not our responsibility to teach you how to use WordPress (ie., set it up, install it, use it, etc). This is the responsibility of the buyer and to be assumed by the author that this person buying it knows how to use it.

As for refunds, Authors are not (as of yet) capable of giving refunds and would suggest contacting Envato.

For buyer help, I suggest you contact that author, though some authors have the ability to choose no support for their items, at which point you would have been made aware of that on the item description page. Also keep in mind that some authors are in different time zones and experience different holidays based on where they live, so it’s always a good idea to allow up to 72hrs for a response.

Hope it helps. Good luck!