Where do I go for help? Flatsome customer, going in circles using UX Builder on Grid 2

Hello everyone,
Where do I go to find support on how to use Flatsome? Grid 2, UX builder has me going around in circles. Please let me know where to look for customer support. I can’t see an obvious way to do this.

A major reason that I purchased Flatsome was the promise of support and as a beginner I’m going to need regular help as I get stuck at times on how to exactly build my website. Do Envato staff support customers through posting on this forum? Is there a different area where I can ask questions of Envato support staff? I’ve looked through the lists of tutorials and can’t find any specific ones on how to use Flatsome, grid 2. A demo would be great if one exists. Or a helpful member of staff to talk to. Any ideas?

Maybe it will be better to say exactly what your challenges using Flatsome are, maybe someone using same theme here can help.

Hello Buchibrand,
I will do that now, but since I paid for a theme precisely so that I could get support this is the first question that I have. How do I get support on flatsome? When I click on email support i get a message saying that this is unsupported.

My problem is in setting up a slider in the grid/ banner area in Grid 2. On the example of grid 2 it shows a slider with two images in the grid at the top of the website so this must be possible. When I go into “banner” in UX builder and click on each element suggested there (image, texts etc) this all works fine but the slider facility does not appear here. I can add a slider elsewhere but not in this grid. When I go into video guides I get examples of how to set up sliders but not within this grid. When I follow any examples that I’ve seen I end up with a slider elsewhere, but not where I want it. Can anyone please help me with this?