Where do I get the purchase or license code in a domain from xthemos? according to this sign that ap

I bought a template a while ago and installed it on some domains, I have not deactivated on these domains and then I deleted the wordpress sites completely, now I am trying to create a new site but my license says that it has no more uses, it says exactly this : You have activated your purchase code more than 3 times. You are allowed to do this for two domains only. Check all your activations on our website in your account section. You are able to deactivate some domains there. But for more turns and glances at the web that gives me a link that is xthemos I can’t see what domains I have activated or using with the license, and I can’t see or deactivate these sites in any way other than from the same site as it says the previous sentence within my template where I enter the purchase code. In the places that I remembered that I put the code for the first time, I have tried to do a clean installation of WordPress, download the theme again from my account and enter the code but the message is the one that I have put above. I need a solution, thanks
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Hi @currocsvimport,

contact the theme Author and let them know How to Contact your purchased theme Author, the theme author will be happy to assist you within their scope.