Where do I get a tax certyficate of residence from Envato?

Where can I get tax certificate of residence?

Accoutnatnts ask for this document. Where can I get such certificate from Envato?
Our company is based in EU.


Any luck with finding out where to get it?

It will be issued by a respective tax administration authority in your country

This answer is not correct.
The certificate is issued by Australian Government/Australian Taxation Office, below is an excerpt and the link:

Australian Taxation Office
PO Box 3006
Penrith NSW 2740
Certificates of residency

A certificate of residency is a document supplied by us. It’s issued to Australian residents to prove to foreign tax authorities that you are an Australian resident for income tax purposes.

The link: https://www.ato.gov.au/individuals/international-tax-for-individuals/in-detail/residency/certificates-of-residency-or-status/#Certificatesofresidency

Yes but only for Australian residents, but the topic starter lives in Poland and is a Polish citizen and get this certificate from the Polish tax office.

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Regardless of who issues these documents, jus to make it clear in line with he OP -

  1. to get a certificate of residence you must actually be living in Australia and be able to prove this.

  2. authors are not an employee of envato and therefore will not get any kind of documents that may relate to visa, tax or other matters reserved for those directly employed by envato

The real point of this topic, was not very clearly explained from the beginning so let me clear this:

The Certificate of Residence is needed by a Buyer(in this case from Poland) from the Vendor(in this case Envato) in order to show to the Local Taxation Office(this case from Poland) that the Vendor pays its taxes in the country of residence(this case Australia).

This certificate is issued by the Vendor’s Taxation Office in accordance with the Commercial agreements between the 2 countries(this case Poland and Australia).

Not having this Certificate(in Poland), will legally compel the Buyer to pay an additional tax as though the object(licence) was produced in the Buyers country.

Hope I’ve succeeded to explain in human words.


Found this, interesting stuff…

So yeah, sounds like this is something that would come in handy for Polish buyers, but it’s not something I’ve heard requested or discussed before, so it’s unlikely Envato have a process for this. Hopefully the powers that be could chip in… especially if this is a potential issue that might be stopping Polish buyers from purchasing here.

@matthewcoxy Not sure if this is something that’s come up before, but a quick overview for you: Buyers from Poland may be liable for additional taxes when purchasing from non-Polish companies such as Envato, unless the company in question can provide a copy of their certificate of residence for tax purposes. Not something I’ve heard of, but if Envato were to offer this and other sites didn’t, it might make you more appealing to Polish buyers. Dzięki!

Message to Envanto.

The Certificate of Residence is needed by a Buyer from Poland. When we don’t have Certficate from new 2018 year we must pay taxes (new articles). Google has in his website information about Certyficate of Resident and this is good we can buy from Google without taxes. Could you please check it for us, becouse without this we must pay non-returnable taxes.

Best Regards

do anybody manage to get this certificate? i have now a same problem :slight_smile:

You won’t get the certificate from Envato. Here are the answers:

That’s not entirely true. I bought an audio track and I received 3 invoices from which only one was author fee and other were handling and enavato fees.

Does anybody manages to get the Certificate of Residency from Envato? I’m from Poland and need that document as well :slight_smile:

Any news, where to get one for 2019-2020?

same here guys, do you have any idea how to get tax residency for 2020 ?

same here! why it is not a process that can be automated in some way!?

I though you had to work for envato to get this?

I also need this, please help.

Hey, I got my certificate. I wrote a help request and they sent the scan back. Here at the bottom of the page is a link to applications. I hope I helped - best regards.

Hi, I also need the certificate of residence for 2020. Could you please post this scan here? They don’t answer on my request that I send them via Help Center.