Where do I find my envato elements purchase code?

I bought a license for envato elements, payed for a year but I have no clue where to find that license.
Anybody… help?

Elements does not come with purchase/license codes (as support and updates are not included). All items should work without the need to register using a purchase code.

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But that’s the point. I downloaded a plugin but it is not fully working until I activate it with… a code :frowning:
I tried another plugin but with the same problem. It is working but limited (until I activate it with a code)

Can you clarify in what sense is it “limited”

Typically the p/codes would only be necessary for things like auto updates etc. which is not included with elements items. However the core plugin functionality will work without the code.

I can use only the most basic functionality. But I cannot unlock things like
Custom Modifications and ticket support.
Without custom modifications the plugin is useless.

I’m surprised custom changes can’t be made but extended features like support, updates etc. are not included with items from elements

I don’t care about the missing ticket support but I do need the custom modifications.
The plugin is asking for an IPC code… what can I do to solve this?

Your best option is to ask elements support - unfortunately no one in these forums will have item specific insight. Envato Elements Help and Support.