Where did we go wrong? FEEDBACK PLEASE

Got 3 hard rejects and we’re baffled by it… Wondering WHY? Where did we go wrong? When reading the forums today we see tracks that got approved that are horrible late 90’s dance music, ripoffs of other songs already on AJ, so on and so on … are we being punished for NOT USING Ukulele?

Hard Rejected:

Hard Rejected:

Hard Rejected:

Hi @NotableNoise, here is my opinion.

For the first track maybe you should try to put some melody instead that vocal, it sounds like it is chopped from some song. Second, songs which have only piano there should be some dynamics, details to sound realistic. Third is ok, maybe some better libraries. About mixing and mastering I can’t tell you now, it’s 2am in my country, I am on headphones right now. :slight_smile:

I hope this is helpful to you, Regards

As someone who uses piano stuff in the background of TV and Radio spots I HATE HATE HATE HATE dynamics … it just makes it harder to sit the voice over in

Sports and training is amazing, maybe just remove the vocal or make it 2 versions is better option. Just my opinion :wink:

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In my opinion, in Sports and Training Goals the arrangement is too static. It’s 3:30 long, and in the first minute we already get the full peak of the events, which leaves no room for further progression. I know this is supposed to be background music, but with this length I think you need to deliver some progression and a bridge or breakdown part maybe.
In Modern Contemplation and Wonder I didn’t like the hats and the claps, for me they sound “programmed” and brittle. Plus the synth coming in at 3:05 sounds kind of 80s. But these are objective points, a matter of taste. I can’t tell for sure the real reason of the rejection.
But with the first track I’m sure it’s the arrangement. The rest sounds pretty good to me (maybe the distorted vocal could be less loud).


To my opinion, the first one sounds a little strange, like a train of vocal samples. And it’s low quality, like a low bit rate MP3.
And the second track, I think, is a great background. I have no any ideas why reviewers hard rejected it. :worried:
Third - I’m absolutely agree with @SixideBeats. But it’s really a matter of taste.

Best wishes! :slight_smile:

The first track:

Cool beat, but the repetition of the same vocal samples over and over gets old pretty quickly. Better to make it completely instrumental. I also think it uses a bit too much distortion, and it’s too long to be that repetitive. With rap vocals and/or several verses it could work, but now it could be better off being 1:30 or so.

The second track:

This is supposed to be an emotional track, and to be emotional, it needs more dynamics and a real, authentic piano feel. This one I also feel is way too long. Can be shortened to around 2 minutes or less.

The third track:

Cool track, I like this kind of music. Absolutely retro/80s feel but I don’t see anything wrong with that. It might have been rejected because of that though, hard to tell. The piano could be a bit softer.

I think all themes are good !!! Nice work !!!

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Nice work !!! Solemn Credits )

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We actually included several versions and still got rejected :cry:

3:47 - Instrumental Version
3:47 - Full Vocal Version
3:47 - No “All I Need is Your Love, Baby” Vocal Version
3:47 - Chorus Only Vocal
2:13 - Remix (Bonus Cue points! Make the track break and build in creative way with this!)