Where did the BUY buttons go?


I’m on the Envato sites nearly every single day.

Today, I hop on the site and find a couple items to buy and now there are no buy buttons or a way to add to cart. Huh?

No new updates on my computer, on a Mac using the latest Safari browser. Nothing different from yesterday on my end.

Here is a screenshot of a Themeforest page:

No buy button.

I’m sure this isn’t happening to everyone, but I can’t imagine I’m the only one.

Envato, you might want to look at this issue.

macOS Sierra Safari browser 10.0.2 bug.

There’re few issue with Safari, at least on my side. Try using Opera/Chrome/FireFox ( Not IE :slight_smile: )


Yeah, when I really feel like buying something I guess I’ll have to install another browser.

But, I’m just going to wait it out. It’s only been a day. Maybe they’ll fix it soon enough.