Where can I report a scammer customer?

A customer bought JS version of my item and he told that he would like to buy WP version. I refunded the JS version. Now, he tries to get a refund of WP version, too.

Customer name is [removed by mod]. I generated a report about him via help center. But, I would like write it here to protect other authors.

If there’s another place to report it, please reply!

Ignore the refund request but I believe there’s nothing that you can do to report. They could ask refund for the items those have been purchased but you don’t have to give one if the item is already downloaded.

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I declined the refund request. Now, he gave me 1 star rating. I reported it, too.

You can report that for sure and request a removal. Good luck!

Here is Envato refund policy https://themeforest.net/page/customer_refund_policy
No need to refund any mistake purchase.

Ok. I see. I won’t refund wrong purchase reasons again.