Where can I find this track?

Hi there, I am trying to find an audio track called ‘Driving Electro’ but I am unsure of the creator and the results when I search are not the track I am after.

Does anyone know where would be the best place to search?


Honestly, the best place to search would be Google :sweat_smile:
Do you see it here?


Unfortunately, I can’t see it up there :sweat: but I might just have to go through a few of the Google pages

How about these? :thinking:

Still not the right one, I wonder if the creator has taken the track down now :disappointed_relieved:

Are you sure you have the correct name then? My database (the two links above) includes deleted tracks as well. :confused: Do you have any other information associated with the item? Perhaps an item ID?

Going into more info about the file, I found this: https://audio-previews.elements.envatousercontent.com/files/256931323/preview.mp3

The link takes me no where but there does seem to be an id of some sort…

Ah, that was very helpful! With my other search tool and the numbers in that link, I was able to track it down to this:



Thank you so much!! That’s exactly the track I was after :star_struck:

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