Where can I find the pdf copy of my licence to broadcast (1 million) purchased with music via Envato/AudioJungle?

I purchased a song and even though it is clearly specified on my receipt that my purchase is the “name of the song (Music Broadcast License (1 Million))”, I cannot counter a claim that the composer is making to monetise my video without “proof” of a license.

I assumed that by doing everything by the books (i.e. purchasing the license to broadcast, purchasing the song, mentioning the composer of the song AND Envato on the video itself) would be enough, but apparently I need a pdf copy of the license too to send to AdRev.

Big problem: I don’t recall being sent one at all.
Where can it be? Or how do I get one?

It says on my receipt that I have a license to broadcast (1 Million).

If anyone can help me, I 'd really appreciate it. I am only trying to do the right thing.

Go to your downloads page when logged in: https://audiojungle.net/downloads

and when you click on the green “download button” you will be given the option to download the license certificate in the drop down menu. Hope that helps!


Thank you so much! You are awesome :slight_smile:

I have it now and can hopefully get this matter resolved!

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