Where are you going for your vacation

so come to poland :slight_smile: search “mazury” - a lot of peacefull places with lakes - and with 100 euro you can lay there for few days like a king :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Ah yea, that looks like a pretty nice place. I’ve been to Poland a few times, but never that far East.

far east is the best, here people will give you food even for free :slight_smile: you can find beaches - wild beaches and make there BBQ - no tourists, and you wont spend millions :slight_smile:

rent yaht and swim there, sleep on the boat… :slight_smile: you will see hehehe

i guess so there are a lot of money and available time issues for normal people …

yes but u will be kind of freezing lol kidding but i guess that if people like sunbathing , poland may not be the bets place lol

where are u from buddy?

I’m from Canada, close to Vancouver.

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Go to north Italy or Tuscany, or if you want some ocean and sun - go to Portugal.

But if you want something unique - go to Ukraine it’s cheap and kinda mix of everything)

oh, canada, cool. This is nice to get to know u more too :slight_smile:

Tuscany , like Firenze, is definitely a good choice for whoever like cultural activities … oh really there are beaches in Ukraine? lol i did not know this

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I was in Phi Phi a couple of months ago. No Maya Bay obviously, but was pretty impressive. I would recommend Koh Samui or Koh Panang though… I preferred those.


I am going to phi phi even If I was stopped by the police. DOT :smiley:

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Yeah, We have 2 seas: Black sea and sea of Asov :slight_smile:
Plus Carpathian Mountains and 1k+ old cities)

it looks cool indeed :slight_smile:

Let’s say It is kinda different type of experience =)

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u’d better like french people if u go to samui lol besides i used to know a old woman not far from 80 yo now who owned a hotel there

lol it takes your background to do this Paul lol because police is not kidding here and even more ever since this is the army that leads the country …

sounds like fun haha :smiley:


I will go with some of them - czuwaj.