Where are you going for your vacation

Man, we are going to Portugal in July =)
In Thai we were on Koh Samui nice one, but more than 8-10 days there we were getting bored)

I love Poland!
The people, salt mine, pierogi, kolbasa!! :heart_eyes:
In Slovakia there’s a new gigant skywalk that’s worth a visit… Slovenia has Bled and the vintgar + the national park.
And further you’ll have the beautiful Alps - Austria, Italy ect :slight_smile:

First I have to go to Munich in germany to visit my broo , then I go to Thailand :smiley: I wish I got bored hehehehe

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not “kolbasa” but KIELBASA hahahahaha

nice one hehehehehehehe my man. my man

Close enough :sweat_smile:

We were 12 days on Samui and 2 days in Bangkok - both are 100% worth visiting )

I will visit so :slight_smile: and I’ll tell everyone @DREAMYARD_Visuals recommended :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

yes, one letter is not a mistake hehehehehehehe and don’t forget vodka :smiley:

I have no idea how i forgot vodka!
I’ve even been on a vodka tasting in Gdansk :joy:
Maybe the vodka made me forget…
Anyways - if you go to Thailand dont forget headphones, you’ll need it on the plane.
You can buy AIS (or something like that) simcard at the airports which works really well :slight_smile:

they will re open in 2021 Paul but the thing is that , at this time they will limit the number of tourists to 200 per day … before there used to be something like 5000 people / day …

I will drink 1L of vodka and I wish I wake up in Thailand hehehehehehe

How you could forget about vodka? man… poland and russia is vodka haha

I will be the one of 200 :slight_smile: I will. !

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:slight_smile: cool idea indeed :slight_smile:

lol this is normal buddy … sunbathing is cool for those who like for a while after this is all the same … thailand has much much more to often than just sand and sun …

lol 2 days in bangkok? lol i hope u had already visited because this is definitely too small if not lol

as popular song says… ONE NIGHT IN BANGKOK is enough hahahaha :slight_smile:

Suggest you go to Phu Quoc - Viet Nam or Ha Long bay - Viet Nam :slight_smile:

I will try thanks :slight_smile:

I know that is way not enough, but we didn’t have enough time to stay longer)

I was planning on going to Egypt at the end of September, but apparently that’s one of the hottest times of the year there, so maybe not a good idea for me. I still want to go somewhere, but not sure where, any ideas?

I like more natural/ancient places, no interest in big cities, I don’t like tourist hotspots, I don’t like fancy resorts, not interested in just relaxing on a beach. Ideally I’d like to do some exploring or private tours in places where tourists usually wouldn’t go.