Where are you from?

I didn’t mean its called Europe, but very close to Europe to sort it out a bit

It’s ok, I’m sorry if I was a bit rough.
Istanbul… neither east nor west, one side in Asia, the other side in Europe.
If you haven’t watched, let me suggest a movie about the sound of Istanbul:

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Russia is here! :slight_smile:


From Ukraine :slight_smile:

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from france and thailand :slight_smile:

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Yeah, there were lots of interesting people all over the world during the World Cup in Moscow!

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I am from Egypt and :airplane: live in Russia St.


Chicago, IL, USA

Do you like Cyprus?:laughing:

Aussie here, all away across the world :australia:

Barcelona, Spain! :slight_smile:

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I’m from the land Up Over

Yes he is beautiful! :slight_smile:

There I found out that I can drive a right-hand drive car!! :slight_smile:

Hello,I’m from Milano, Italy but I’m living in Walthamstow, London =) Greetings