Where are the minimalist music - less chords, less instruments, less EPIC, less catharsis

I always try to find some music here that is more minimalistic, but it seems that every music here is always full of instruments, catharsis, epic, reverbs and bells. I really would love to find some theme with just a piano, or just an intro with only an accoustic guitar, just a few notes, a few cords and then some rhythm. Something with not so many notes, to put in some introduction, when the character presents the video.
The only TAGs I find here is “energetic”, “powerful”, “uplifting”, “action”, “epic”, “adventure”… I really miss some nuances and different shades.

I totally agree. The lot of music across a lot of genres is overly busy and hyped. But most customers are looking for energy and ultra happiness because they want to hype whatever they are promoting so that’s what sells mostly. I am guilty of this :grimacing:

However there are some minimal piano tracks I have heard and you might want to look at “reflective” as a tag as that’s what I use for my more quiet/minimal tracks such as this one:




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Thanks for the reply. I understand that, but for most of my jobs the music that fits I can not find here, and I end up recording some, or going to some music partner, which is expensive and takes much more time. Some jobs are super fast, so I don’t have this option.
I will take a look at this sounds you have sent. Thanks!

I am looking for music that has more rhythm, less instruments, less protagonism. Something with some accoustic guitar + drums, sometimes only drums, sometimes only guitar. Or some piano, long chords, but not reflexive, not with reverb. It’s hard to find something like this.








Hello @OTAPACHECO ! Maybe this?

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Hi. Something like this?

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Thanks a lot, everybody for the links you have sent!
Actually when I said “minimalistic”, I didn’t mean slow, or reflexive, or calm. I meant less instruments, less multiple tracks, less effects, less violins + bells + crescendo to a catharsis.
I am searching for something happy, cheerful, but clean, stable, no chimes, not a lot of reverb. Something that do not call a lot of attention when the spectator is watching and hearing what the character is talking at the video.

Hi, it’s no simple to understand what you are looking for.
Can you give us some examples?
Meanwhile here my proposal:

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Yes, sometimes it’s hard to put what is inside your mind into words. I have this example of music that is more minimalistic, I was searching for something a little bit similar with this:

Here! great music!!!


Try this!


Very good, indeed! Thanks a lot! i will try!

Thanks a lot, for real! I think there are some great options here.

You are welcome! :+1: this guy makes very very good music!
All the best!



Perhaps these may be of interest (don’t let the titles scare you away :wink:)…

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