Where are the FREE Files of the month January 2016?

** Start here at this link for the Free files, it’s under NEW features:


you beat me to it!

haha this post needs to be popular! checking in on the first of the month has been a tradition. Hopefully no disappointment.
Maybe it’s taking extra long and we’ll get something nice for the new year.:no_mouth:

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lol - Lucky me :slight_smile:

Yes, a Tradition! I’m waiting on something good for After Effects and a new Website Template. . .and Audio. - Envato has really spoiled me rotten! lol

ahahahah you say what the other want :smile:
make this threat going UP ^ Up UP

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Yes my friend, lol :wink:

Finally after begging for the Freebies, the Free files are posted! - Hip, Hip, Hooray!! :slightly_smiling: - Thankyou Envato!

Well I still can’t find them. Envato account still showing ones from Jan. This has been happening for a few months. Ive had to find external sites listing lists of the free files in order to download them.

Can anyone provide a direct link for me please to see if it works.

Where? Still showing Dec files for me

This is how I found them. Go to a Market such as Themeforest, Codecanyon, VideoHive, etc then scroll down pass the NEW featured items.

** Start here at this link for the Free files:

Let this blog on top. You win :joy: