Where are most wanted competitions?

Hey guys! I was wondering, where are most wanted competitions? :rolling_eyes:
I hope envato have plans for 2017 with a lot competitions!!! Are you agree, like, want, need, whatever?
Comment anything you want or simply give a :+1: if you agree or :-1: in case you don’t need anymore.
Cheers… :punch:

I miss them, but I guess the more most wanted competitions there are, the less need there is for more most wanted competitions. There’s only a limited amount of things that are most wanted, and when you have a most wanted competition, they’re no longer most wanted. I guess there will always be a need for them, as new stuff comes out that people want and Envato need, but maybe they’ve already been through the stuff they need currently. Or they aren’t as profitable as they once were. If that makes sense?!


I also miss them, I guess Envato needs sponsors themselves for the Most Wanted.

Like when a new CMS, Framework, etc launches. and needs promotion.