where are former topics?

hi guys, i don’t know for you but i am wandering why former topics have not been kept. Indeed, for me, that adds a bit confusion to the already confused situation generated by the strange new organization of the forum … what do u think?

At least at the moment you can still check them out by browsing to pages like http://activeden.net/forums, although I’m expecting that to be temporary.

Note that not all the archives are going to be moved; you’ll find a selection of the ‘greatest hits’ imported on the new forums, though.

Those all are archived and only 50 items from old forum imported

yes … and that’s a flaw according to me … the guys who created a thread and asked for help for instance (or who tried to express something), unlike they are already satisfied , they have their questions and opinions thus deleted, that was impossible to bring in the new system?

They will import all of them, hopefully.

What about the number of posts? Will that be transferred over? Will the trust level be based on that?

As far as I know, they will be available, but you can not leave comments.
Enter here, old forums: http://themeforest.net/forums

That’s fine, they’re there for reference only. I’m only interested in my previous forum reputation: number of posts, comments and time spent on the forums. I’d hate to start again with Discourse.

hi, i have no idea but in that case, they must import this also from the past one …because a lot of guys will lose a lot of the time that they spent to help others and discuss if not …

i am afraid that they did not think of anything like this … when they should have done , as for me , i am also not satisfied with saying this will be imported , because when will they do this? it should have been done right from the beginning, as this was the current threads that we were interested in

Hi n2n44! We handpicked some popular threads and moved them over and we also ran a contest inviting our community to nominate threads that others wanted to keep. Sorry if you missed it. I’m not sure migrating absolutely everything was technically possible and/or was not desirable. While the archives will remain available but read-only, there’s something nice about a fresh start, you know?

If there’s something important that you think we missed or you’re passionate about it, start a new thread and see if others are interested in contributing to it. :thumbsup:

thanks Scott for the answer :wink: no i did not mean everything, but at least the latest topics for each marketplace maybe 10 of each , would have been good already … thanks again :wink:

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