Where are all of the E-Books? Did something change?


I haven’t seen anything new in a few months now. Those are super helpful.


Hi @PitRott,

We recently conducted a learning survey with our subscribers and have made a few changes to the content we provide as part of a Tuts+ subscription.

  • We ended our licensing agreement with Packt for Code eBooks in January. The books currently available on the site will be removed over the next year as their licenses expire. Do feel free to download any you think you will find useful in the future.
  • However, we are continuing our agreement with A Book Apart and have several new books coming soon. We just published Progressive Web Apps by Jason Grigsby and we have Progressive Web Apps by Lisa Maria Martin coming in July.
  • In terms of Code courses we’re focussing on foundational content relating to front-end JS and WordPress.
  • In addition we’re starting to produce more Design & Illustration video content, and will be adding new video production content.


Thanks for the detailed post Joel. I must have missed the survey.