When your favorite YouTuber features your track. :)

I just thought I’d share a small, happy personal milestone.

I had been subscribed to SyndicateHD’s YouTube channel for many years (I was immersed in Minecraft a few years ago and always loved watching his virtual adventures).

Then the other day I find out that he had purchased and featured one of my tracks - This Hip Hop - recently, in a weird “small world” serendipitous kind of way.

Granted the video is about him complaining about YouTube, but I am always impressed by Audiojungle’s ability to get your music out to the world. This time though, it ended up somewhere a little more personal to me, so I was stoked. Successful YouTubers have a strange sense of celebrity. You often think that you’ll never meet these people in real life (They are often on the other side of the world) and when one of them purchases something that came out of your small home studio, it gives you a good feeling. :slight_smile:

Thanks Audiojungle!


It sound good man. Congratulation.

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That’s so cool @TheRoyalLine! Thanks for sharing :thumbsup:

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This is really cool indeed! You must have been pretty excited when you found out… Awesome :sunglasses:

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Awesome! I recall @AurusAudio having a similar experience with one of his tracks. It must be a great feeling!


That’s awesome, @TheRoyalLine! You must be stoked! Congrats :tada:

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Thanks guys… Now getting prepped for a huge 2017 on AJ. :sunglasses:

Good job! It’s cool!

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