When you got a track and you don´t know what to do.

I´ve been thinking some days ago about it.
I think all of us got tracks, or demos, and really don´t know what to do, if they fit, and which category would be the right one for them.
I never have seen a post about those “lost demos”.
So i created this one, to share all those ideas.
And i want to start it with one of mine “strangers demos” :slight_smile:
Lets share yours, if you want.

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I have a folder full of unfinished tracks, because I often get to a point where I just rage-quit and decide I hate the track I’m working on :joy:. However, when I come back to it a few months later, I always manage to find one that is basically finished, I do a couple of edits and upload it. I would say that’s where you are with this track; just upload it to Ambient today and it will sell!


Hahaha I know i couldnt be the only one… :joy:

The only category where this could fit is ambient, yes. But i feel is unfinished, it needs something, and i don´t know what…
Probably, as you say, i will take it again in some months to find another perspective.
Thank you for take your time!

PS; When i listen it the only place this could fit is like an ending theme on a documentary or something like this.
It got some kind of sadness…

I actually spent last week going through my ‘rage-quit’ tracks and produced 4 solid tracks from them! It was kind of fun going back to ideas that I had formed months ago.

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lol @AlisterBunclark “rage-quit” is about the perfect way to describe them. I definitely have more of those than finished tracks. I’ve never had much luck going back but maybe it’s time to give it another try.

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Yeah we are all in the same ship ahahah. I have a folder full of unfinished tracks and ideas too. Sometimes is just a matter of inspiration that goes away at the moment and some time later when you listen again you have a new perpective new ideas and concepts and your are able to finnish the track.