When will the help team respond to my refund request?



Sorry if there is anything wrong with this post. I am a newbie here.
Coming to the point, I had purchased the X THEME on themeforest on 10th october.
I made this choice by seeing the “Multi Purpose” tag to that theme. But it truly isn’t.
I need to make a technology news site, but this theme is unfit.
I know its my mistake to make a wrong selection.
After realising this, I had requested for a refund on the same day. I explained the Envato team that I am a student and I am very much in need of the refund. Soon after getting the refund, I want to buy the “GOODNEWS” theme.
But its been almost 3 days, I did not get any kind of response from the Envato team.
Please suggest me friends, Is there any other way to reach them to get my refund? How long will it generally take to respond to requests?
Please help.


Unfortunately you will probably just have to be patient.

These requests can take a few days (excluding weekends) especially when with all due respect it sounds like technically your situation owuld not warrant a refund in most circumstances as there is not something wrong with the file itself.

Just trying to be helpful - I’d argue that this theme is very much multi purpose. The one you are talking about getting is great but is quite rigid in terms of design, layout and purpose as a magazine site. You need to be sure that is what you need.


Thanks for the reply Charlie.
Will try my luck.
Unfortunately, X theme is very professional theme. Its really good and ideal for showcasing professional business sites.
But my case is different, I need more content to be displayed on the home page with different columns like recent, featured, popular etc.
X theme is minimal and very spacious in terms of design.
on the other hand, Goodnews theme is more specific and ideal for my requirement.
I am looking for Envato credits instead of bank transfer so that I can purchase this theme straight away.
Please try to understand my situation.
Thank you.