When will Sevenstyles return?

Hi! I am new here, I discovered Graphicriver in 2017 & moved from photoshop elements to photoshop cc.
I have purchased several actions from the wonderful Sevenstyles author and use to eagerly await each new action. He is the greatest teacher and as a newbie, I have learned so much from each of his video tutorials. It’s been a year although I am hoping to be able to get tech support should I run into problems with one of his actions, I am also hopeful and concerned that all is well & looking forward to his creative return.
Thanks so much, appreciate all responses.

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But why are you saying this?
I’m a fan of his Photoshop actions too, but from what I see he is still on the market.

Oh no, I am not saying his actions are no longer for sale on the market! Thank goodness, they are. However, he has not made any new actions for a year. Usually, he would consistently make actions every few months or less.
There are many to choose from all on sale, but I miss that he has not made any new ones in so long. I just wanted to see if anyone else knew when he would start making new actions again & that he is ok.

I really hope so too.

What happens to us all is called LIFE. People get sick, they can have real problems, or they loose their inspiration, their motivation, or they are caught in real life problems :frowning:

You know that quote: “Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans” :slight_smile:


Yes, lol, so true, so true! And everyone deserves a break - he especially goes above & beyond on his tutorials & produced many, many actions. Enough to keep me busy for a long time.
I do hope that life plans will bring him back to graphicriver soon, but wish him well with many thanks no matter where life says he must go lol