When will I receive an update?

I recently purchased and downloaded the Nitro theme from themeforest. I am receiving this after uploading the theme. I believe its causing problems. I asked about this a few days ago and was told an update would be received shortly and that hasn’t happened yet. Is this something that happens quite often? Why do I not have the current update after purchase? How long does this take to update? Is there something I can do to speed up the process?

Your theme (WR Nitro) contains outdated copies of some WooCommerce template files.

I really want to actually speak with someone… is this possible?


If the theme Author wrote you that they will publish update shortly then please give them time to make the update, review the full competibility and make them perfect to publish the update. If you would like you can keep in touch with Author to know the status through the email they replied to you.


Goodmorning everyone. This morning I wanted to download NITRO theme that I PURCHASED and there is more on themforest. How is it possible? I have 3 sites where it is active and I do not know how to do it! where can I contact the authors? PLEASE REPLY AT valeria@laska.it