When will Envato stop refunds?

I understand that a person made a refund within 3 days, but when a customer uses my product for 2 months and then makes a refund, is this normal??

This has become VERY frequent lately.


Wait until you get a refund request after a few years of using your product :))
Unfortunately, it’s not normal, but you’ll always get them.


I know this is not about Codecanyon, but the problems we are experiencing are quite similar.

We now reject almost all refund requests, because we have noticed that this feature is widely abused. We have also encountered many people using the review feature for blackmail purposes to get a refund, but frankly we cannot say that we care about this anymore. A few interesting refund requests:

  • It didn’t meet my expectations. (wow really? what about the checking demo site before buying?)
  • One license is not enough for me, give me 20. (yes this happened).
  • My Google Adsense application was rejected, refund my money.
  • I found an illegal version of your software, refund my money. (yes this happened too)

Of course, we accept genuine refund requests. For example, we noticed that one of our software was having problems with the Chinese language and we immediately approved the refund request, or another customer bought the product by mistake. (and hadn’t downloaded the product yet)


I agree. Just yesterday a client returned a track that they purchased in November. That’s after 6 months!!! What kind of outrage is this? I don’t understand this return policy at all, the buyer is given a demo, do whatever you want with it - insert it into projects, try it out, if you like it - buy it, if not - move on. I understand a couple of weeks for a return, but 6 months is too much! :rage:


Are you sure it’s a refund and not a sales reversal?

Can you please explain the difference between refund and sales reversal? I thought that they were synonyms.

Everything is explained here:


Refund is when there are some issue in your item and customers wants to have a refund. Sale reversal means the payement never / didn’t pass, or was cancel by payment provider something like that.

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I understand. Thank you. In my case, it was a “Sale Reversal” 6 months after the sale. As an author, it doesn’t matter to me whether it was a “Refund” or “Sale Reversal”. It’s a loss of income for me either way. And I still consider it unacceptable to write off income from the author after such a long time, regardless of the reason.

I myself worked for a long time in retail sales of musical instruments and even there, customers had a month to return the product and no one said that the customer needed more time to understand whether they bought the product or not. Or about the payment being made by an illegal method.


If somebody had stolen a credit card and bought a piano, and then the original owner of the credit card disputed the purchase… exactly the same thing would happen. It’s a credit card thing (and certain other payment providers), rather than an Envato thing.


Thanks for telling!

Then, will somebody keep piano or return it to the shop?

They’ll keep it.