When updating The Gem theme I can't activate because it says I exceeded the max number of activations

I purchased The Gem theme in 2017 and it has been great - but now the website is running slowly. My hosting service customer support narrowed it down to the theme and recommended updating it to the latest version. So I have updated The Gem from V3 to V4. But when I try to activate it, it says that I have exceeded the maximum number of activations and to buy another copy of the theme in order to activate.

But I have only used it on this one website.

When I tried to submit a ticket I was unable to get support without paying.

If I go to purchase a new copy of the theme it says that it includes all future updates… so what gives? How am I able to activate the theme so that I can continue updating the associated plugins?



Leave a comment here on the item’s comments section: https://themeforest.net/item/thegem-creative-multipurpose-highperformance-wordpress-theme/16061685/comments

The author will be able to fix that on their side for you.



Ok I did, thanks! :slight_smile:

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