When To Raise The Price Of Tracks?

When to raise the price of tracks? When do you think to raise the price of a track?
Let’s say if a track is sold several times, is it worth raising the price.

The price of tracks should have been raised when ADP was introduced to Audio Jungle. Now raising the price of tracks that were once rock bottom will be harder to sell and buyers may wait for authors to drop the price back down as it is more difficult to sell at a higher price. IMHO.


I prefer sell one time at 20 than 10 times at 5…


Be careful! Be prudent!
Only the author decides this! Discussion of prices is discouraged in forums, as well as advice on prices (as far as I know, this can have negative consequences)!


The moment you upload them.

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Mmm, it depends, if you want to compete with the most popular files in the main categories I would say once your track has collected at least 300 sales. 10 years from now and you’ll be good to go! :+1:

A higher price -can- also work as marketing. Not everyone is looking for the lowest price. We also tend to associate higher prices with higher quality. I think the most important thing is that you set it indeed yourself based on how you feel about the track and its worth.

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I like to raise a price of unique high quality tracks. This is a sign for clients that the most expensive tracks have highest quality. Some of my tracks have almost no sales until I raise their price. Some of my returning clients prefer to buy more expensive tracks (!). But as I said, expensive track has to be unique and have high quality.


I think you have summed it up quite nicely that high quality unique tracks can have a higher selling price and generic lower quality tracks will have a lower price since there are so many of these tracks on Audiojungle.

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I’d like to believe that the price needs to represent the value of your work.The present global crisis changed the rules of the game. I do not know if its about survival or just pure greed. For a professional musician is easy to spot a well produced song.Is not about the sound, or the master, you name it.Is about the vibe of the entire production.If the purpose of the track is just to be sold for dimes , it will sound like it.Cheap, mundane and obscure.You are the only person who can value your production, and what price you should ask for it.There is not a specific moment in time when you should modify the price of your products.