When Promotion items for Envato campaign will be selected ?

Hello Everyone,

I want to know when Envato will answer about the selected items for next Campaign,


Hi @celtano,
Celtano my opinion you can contact with @BenLeong he is from Community Marketing may be can reply to you best

Hope you understand!

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Hi @unlockdesign,

You already tagged him, I will wait for his answer,

Thanks :slight_smile:



Envato will not answer author one by one. They will send email to selected Items Authors. for Next Campaign:
Wednesday, July 31 : We will inform the authors of selected items and provide more details via email
Please check deatils you will get here:


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Hi @celtano!

Confirmation emails for the Envato Birthday campaign went out on Wednesday night. We had a huge response this time, with almost 4500 items nominated.

We may be adding a second wave of items during the campaign (we usually do this in order to replace items that have been removed for price changes, for example) - if we do, we’ll aim to give at least 24hrs notice to selected authors, and will choose items from the existing nomination lists.

The next cross-channel campaign will be for Cyber Week (November), but there should also be several smaller, more focused promotions coming up as well.


Hello @BenLeong,

Got it, I hope one of my items will be selected :wink:

Thank you so much for your answer.

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