When it is better to download items on Audiojungle?

I’m new here and i’m trying to make my activity more effective)))

Hi! I think it’s no difference because it’s impossible to predict the best time for upload. :slight_smile:

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Do you mean to upload? It seems many authors try to be approved at Monday, at the buisness day morning at the east coust of US. :slight_smile: But it’s not easy to calculate because of review time’s fluctuations.

Personally I do not care.

I think it’s 6.5 of one, half a baker’s dozen of the other… if you get approved on a busy day, then you’re going to be seen by all the people buying, but it’s also the time that most items get approved… so you’re not going to be on the homepage for long. On the other hand, there might not be many buyers at the weekend, but if you get approved late on a Friday, then you’re probably going to be on the homepage all weekend.

Although I’m sure it might have a very slight effect on sales, I don’t think items are made or broken purely on when they are approved. And you can never tell how long review times will be… aim for a Monday morning and it might be on a Friday… or a Wednesday.