When i register my track to royalty collecting online company, how do i communicate it with AudioJungle?

Hello, i was researching about royalties and for every type of royalty, there is an online company that collects them automatically for me.

AFAIK Audiojungle is the place where i sell license for users who wish to make the very money with my track that those online companies collect from them, so here are my example questions :

The potential client that wishes to purchase license for my track has only one intent with the track and thats monetizing it through Youtube. However i have registered my track to an online company that automatically tracks someone popping up with my track in their video and if it happens, they slap a content ID claim and they wont be able monetize that video in which is my track, despite them purchasing license for that very purpose. How do i whitelist their specific video?

Same type of question regarding Neighbouring Rights. My client has intent to use the track in either radio or TV and somehow monetize it, so he purchases license for that, however my track is registered to an online company that collects royalty from those places for me. How do i whitelist that client so those companies dont collect money from him?

Thank you for answer, will really help me.

Here you will find three articles about AJ vs PRO and CID. There is everything you have asked about.

BTW PRO can and even must collect broadcast royalties from tv, radio, etc. even though your client bought sync license on AJ. They collect it from a broadcaster, not from your client. It is explained in the second article.