When Halloween on Envato is really a nightmare

Wrong and criminal. By keeping the earning they became active profiting accomplices at your expense. This is a very serious offense, that should not be left at that.

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Let’s see what they will do.I linked this thread in the last ticket. Hello Envato team ! Remember my paypal account ? :joy::joy::joy: Anyway thanks a lot guys, really appreciated.


Ha! That’s true. It’s illegal to earn money from the crime. And stealing is a crime… hm I would return the money to Lenny :slight_smile:


Just a reminder that if there is ever a concern about copyright, the quickest way to get it addressed is to submit a DMCA notice. With a DMCA notice we can act very quickly. I know going to the forums to get some support is often enticing, but we do need a DMCA to be able to jump into action quickly :smiley:


Thanks @KingDog. By the way, could you by any chance give us an official statement on what happens to the earnings (in this case around $500) from an illegal track like this?

And again, take a look at the sampling of @LumenMedia’s bestseller, done by the same person this thread refers to, but from an older profile.

Does @LumenMedia (or any other owner) have to be the one submitting the DMCA?


I don’t know anything about earnings, unfortunately. That will have to go through the Help Team.

The owner of the copyright or their agent (with permission) has to be the one to submit the DMCA notice.


Hi! I am planning to investigate this case from my side. But i am really concerned how Envato treat those, who break the rules. I think SINGLE similar case enough to complete disable of such accounts.


Absolutely! And this guy has done it at least two times. Most likely it’s much more that that, but of course very hard to find all the samples unless you’re lucky to just recognize the song.

Sampling cannot be done by accident. A very similar melody line is another story, that can happen without malicious intent, but sampling cannot.

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Well, all THREE profiles are now deleted. I hope that means justice was served!

Seen any extra money @LennyStudio?


It’s certainly good news that these accounts were closed. Still, I have to say it’s quite discouraging how more and more oftenly this is happening in Audiojungle. About a month ago I also found a profile (well, actually three profiles run by the same individual) packed with repeated crossed tracks named differently in all three of them, lots of copycats, rip-offs, etc. I reported it and the accounts were closed, but of course, days later you hear of other authors that run into similar cases again and again.

Until Envato does not ask for Id certification and limits the number of account per user, I don’t really expect to see things change for good.

Congrats guys for your achievement. @LennyStudio, you totally deserve the earnings made by the plagiarist.


Or close the posibility to create new accounts, like other webs do.



@Flumen @WormwoodMusic

Good thing about his multiple accounts closed ! Good ridance.

About the money, no news from Envato support. Still waiting for their mail. I hope they will do something about it. Otherwise it’s just to easy : sampled/steal track -> wait for sales -> delete evidence -> withdraw money -> create new account. Rinse and repeat. Perfect crime.

Anyway. Thanks again guys.


And? :slight_smile: Did you get the response?

I’ve received a mail from them with “How would you rate the support you received?” yesterday. Money anyone ? Or just a simple apology for screwing up big time. Well, in fact money will be fine since I have to sell gear to pay local taxes in my country. Oh I forgot, you can’t because the money has been withdrawn.

Thief has been spotted by @gballx here Please , help me! My track was rejected

So the guy can open a new account with the same user name and carry on stealing. Guess this is a new standard behavior here.

I checked his soundcloud, and of course the Halloween track was there. I reported it to soundcloud. Took them 1 hour to delete it. 1 HOUR… Just 1 HOUR. I don’t even have a pro account, just a free user.

Dear @BlackZebraMusic re uploaded it again (because what do you expect). So I contact the Soundcloud support once again. Took them less than an hour to delete it this time.

If SoundCloud with its huge user base can deal with this in under an hour, then surely Envato is doing it wrong! Come on Envato, learn from this!

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But this is automatic mail sent for feedback purposes. Did they wrote an answer about money question?

They wrote nothing.

Hi there @LennyStudio I notice that you have seen your Halloween track removed from Soundcloud upon request only for it to be re-uploaded. Have you filed a DMCA notice so that your track will not be re-uploaded in the future?

I will do this next time it happens. Thanks