when am gonna get my refund


I like to get my refund this car model I have is a game car rip 2019 Lamborghini Terzo Millennio that from asphalt 9 and I do not buy stolen goods I paid $79.usd for it and am not happy with the refund service that does not tell you anything and where is your phone number this makes your company look like a fake


Lol good luck for refund.

Author itself accepted refund, and 5 days later, still no money in the balance.

Envato support is a real joke.


Hello @mikeswagger,
Hello (again) @Visad

I really understand you’re upset, using online services or products can lead sometimes to some situations like these, I am a buyer myself and I completely understand.

Please open a help ticket at the Envato Help & Support Center if you haven’t done so already.

If you already did that, please wait a bit for their reply. They always help, it just takes a bit of time, given the amount of buyers and the tickets they are receiving. It does not help anybody spreading around in the forums an issue with which only the Support team can help.

Also, always keep in mind our community guidelines while you post in our forums.

Thank you for your understanding!


seem like your reply is a way to delay things as I have seen all over the internet that your company never gives refunds for anything that’s why people that rip models come to your web site to scam others as you seem to protect the seller and not the buyer also do not think so??? google Envato scam web site and expect no refund your gonna end up with a class action lawsuit if this keeps up there is tons of people that say you never give refunds ever back to anyone yes i am worried also Amazon and other do reply fast and do not take weeks or days to refund anyone yet you have this problem for years. Also, think well you never know who you are selling to or who I am as you seem to reply fast on this yet slow to investigate the matter and that shows that all you care about is yourself.
Thank you for your understanding! Me Inc


they will probly remove your reply to me I wish i never deal with this people eve this is the worst


Is this worth $79.00 usd? to you to have your company in the spot light this will be far from over until i get my refund and i have back up files and the bill that i will put on the internet all over the world if you rip me off I never give up i do not forgive i do not forget expect me


This one from the attached image (click the image to view larger) is my downloads/purchase page on ThemeForest (so only the themes and templates purchases…but I bought items from VideoHive, AudioJungle, etc too). Even if those items were removed, I never asked for a refund, because I understand how this market is functionning, I’m trying to be a polite, respectful, patient buyer.

So yes, I know what you mean by “59, 69, 79” dollars purchase.

Also, as an author, I always approved the refund requests (which most authors do in many cases).

As I said, a bit of patience is highly appreciated. Envato cares about buyers and customers (I am on the market since 2010-2011, I can guarantee that)

So, let’s try to keep our calm, meanwhile please continue the support request with Envato Help & Support Team, thanks.


Closing topic -> these issues are continued via Envato Help & Support Team. Thanks.

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