Whay my HTML theme has been REJECTED..!?


Does anyone know why this template has been rejected?


Typography (especially in the About Us section) is very weak. Generally it looks kinda boring compared to other coming soon templates added in the last year, just take a look yourself:

Overall, coming soon category is extremely oversaturated, you will need a top notch design to get in.

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Thanks for your reply,

Is there problem with typography in the Intro (Front Section)?

To improve the typography in the About and Contact information, such as the box icon and add these things? Or pages that open with JavaScript(jQuery) events?

and if I improved, then can I re-submit with new title and description?

Just resolving the typographic issues will not be enough

With respect there’s nothing here that couldn’t be found for free elsewhere online

There’s a misconception that coming soon will be easier because there is less to it but in actual fact it’s harder because -
A) it’s over saturated
B) design has to be flawless
C) more than ever it has to offer something distinctively premium and unique which in a condensed template is naturally harder