Whay always rejected

hello everyone, I just started in Envanto before I played at Creative Market, in my opinion here for a very very strict review some of my design materials are always rejected, can anyone explain about this? oh yes I specifically made this PowerPoint template is an example of my newly rejected template

Hi @Lumberjak! I think, there is problem with included images.

The overall look and fell is too busy. Your elements are placed all over the place without consistency. Looks like you take slides from different presentations and just put it together. Use the negative space when you create your slide composition.

hi for me , many pages are definitely too simple … they are made of block of texts or pictures , they are kind of flat (as there is not real work on the background), thus not difficult to redo and why would anyone buy something if they would not even really save time by choosing to buy rather than doing by themselves? Otherwise, the typo is definitely super flat … there is a real lack of variations, combinations and of originality , not to mention that the placement of some texts is not properly executed … take a look at the “lumber hall” which is a good example of this … . Still more or less related to texts and typo, as all is too flat indeed, this is having a negative impact on the hierarchy of information and nothing is popping out enough with what u have here …