WhatsApp Gateway for Module - Hard Rejected due to Quality Issue

Dear All,

I uploaded my products (Custom WhatsApp Gateway Module for Perfex CRM). This is a replacement for the SMS gateway, instead of SMS we can trigger all the notifications on WhatsApp.

As such I have followed Envato instructions correctly but still refused and given the below reason

(unfortunately, we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward).

I do not understand which part is incorrect according to envato requirements.

Do I need to incorporate the - verify a purchase code, is it a mandatory requirement because I haven’t done that till now?

Please, anyone, help me to check and give me a suggestion on Envato standard quality?

Demo link: - Login
Website link: https://wachatty.com/

Also, let me know if anyone can help me in getting it uploaded, I am ready to pay.

Thank you very much!

The idea is not good enough probably