What's your proudest/favorite badge?

I’ve just received my 10 year badge, thought it was pretty cool, in turn thought it’d be interesting to know what your favorite badge is and why?

My favorite two would be my 10 Years and Super Copyright Ninja!
super_sheriff-5fbdd499fbd1d0077edc0022d01ed1a1b99f09acf2917e22e2c6472e5b9c9825 veteran_level_10-e417b7be3b4abc4d08ef88490a9931088841b46dc7979cee27797d90815f7346

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Congratulations on hitting the 10 year mark!

Super Copyright Ninja is one of my favourite badge designs. My current top pick goes to the Merch Design Winner badge though, for what it represents: it’s an honour roll of the people who’ve defined a key part of what the community looks like away from the screen, over the last few years.


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