whats your opinion? i need your feed back before i submit

hello guys
I have created a new WordPress theme with Gutenberg support, I need your opinion before I submit it.
the demo URL is here.
notice :

  • this theme have 4 other types of intro sections (instead of current carousel).
  • this theme have 2 other types of header (instead of current header).
  • this theme have 2 other types of post styles (instead of current posts loop style).
  • every corner in this theme is customizable (We have a lot of theme options :smiley: )
  • the theme is based on unyson framework and i used it as a plugin.

thanks in advance.

You may get the rejection regarding to the design issue(s)

thank you for your reply.
can you help me and tell me what are the issues ?

WordPress has now higher design quality standards. If you would’ve submitted the item a year ago, it may be fine but my opinion you will get rejection message now


check “razz theme banner” :slight_smile: you can’t do this

it’s just advertising area :slight_smile:
what’s wrong with it?

it is … TALL - streched in vertical

reviewer will reject all item for this :slight_smile:

aha i got it thanks,
i thought it’s good feature for the user to have an advertising area here.
also, whats your opinion about the rest of the design ?

my opinion is not important :slight_smile: at all