What's your idea on why rejected?


Thank you for your feedback!

I wanted to listen but the track has been removed from SC.

Sorry, this link should work

This sounds like a construction kit to my ears. It’s a no no.
And the vocal track makes it more obvious.

Thanks for your feedback. I used vocals and part of the drums from Splice, then built a track around it, playing all the rest. So I can say I produced something similar to a construction kit, and I can’t completely say it’s a bad thing! Anyway, with a market full of plastic tracks that sell a lot (and I think they deserve it, cause clients want plastic-like tracks, or let’s say, something that sounds good, not something that requires originality, or human feel), I didn’t think this tracks was a no no, but I guess I learned a lesson

If you can really play and produce something like this then i’ll suggest you to stay away from loops, especially vocal loops and make a track of yours.

Then it’ll surely be approved. You don’t have to produce plastic tracks.
You can always produce and sell world beats here in AJ.

Good luck

I’m not sure if I understand correctly your “make a track of yours”, since I wrote the track, and I could just have a singer sing that exact notes. Also for the drum loops: I don’t agree, since these kind of loops are really well produced, they can sound fake, yes but, again, a lot of tracks sound fake, not original, both in AJ and on the radio (I mean, gone are the times when Tony Thompson played drums for the Chic or other Nile Rodgers’ productions, nowadays a Dua Lipa track has fake drums loops, and it sound good for these days, and other artists have really similar drum loops).
But definitely I’ll try putting something different in sostitution of the vocals and try to re-submit. Thanks again for your input!

I mean, stay away from the loops that are too obvious and don’t build a track around it :slight_smile: especially vocal loops.
I hope it’s clear now.