What's your go-to lenses of choice?

I’m sure we all have our favorite lens or our workhorse that never lets us down, and it’s always fun to hear what others have in their bag and why they like a certain lens so much :grin:

So what are your favorite lenses?

I’m a big fan of my Canon RF 35mm 1.8

I do a lot of shooting in close quarters or while traveling and the 35mm has never let me down. Great for close up and macro and a nice wide aperture for some nice bokeh when I need it. Plus it doesn’t break the bank :money_with_wings: and it’s light enough to work on my video gimbal when I need it.

The only other lens I keep in my bag is the Canon RF 85mm 2.0

It gives me added length for street photography or when I have to stay away from the action. And again, it doesn’t break the bank. I’ve been eying the 50mm 1.2 but I just can’t justify spending $3,000 right now :grimacing:

So what’s in your camera bag and why?


Excellent, great accessories! :clap:t2: :camera:

In Brazil these Canon lenses are very expensive! :moneybag: :brazil:


Ahhh that’s too bad. I suppose they’re not too cheap. And Canon likes to prevent other companies from making their lenses right now :confused:

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Great question!

My original Nikon (D3100) came with 2 lenses in the set. They were decent, but I kept noticing how much I loved the quality of a friend’s photos even though she also had a D3100. I was especially enthralled with how she managed to capture light. She said her go-to lens was a Nikkor 35 mm 1.8G, so I bought one. It is still my preferred lens when trying to capture lighting and the one I use the most for flat lay shoots in the studio.

Once I bought my Nikon D500, I decided to upgrade my lenses too. The lens I usually use when taking photos in nature is a Nikkor 18-300mm 3.5-6.3G ED just because I like the flexibility of the zoom. When doing closeup work, I usually use my Nikkor Micro 40mm 2.8G.

I honestly think lens quality makes a bigger difference than the camera. One of my favorite photos of all times was shot with a Sony Cybershot pocket camera, but it had a Carl Zeiss lens which made all the difference in the world. I’ve blown the image up to 20x30 and it’s still amazing looking.

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Beautiful shot. Love the colours and mood. And totally agree about the lens being a bigger benefit than the body.

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I love my Tamron SP 90MM F/2.8 DI MACRO 1:1. It’s the only lens to touch my camera in the last 5 years.


Love having a great favorite that never lets you down.

I almost always use three lenses with my Nikon D700.
The 35mm f2 seriesD.
The 85mm f1,8 seriesD.
The15/35mm f4 serieG, almost always between 15 and 24