Whats wrong with this track?

this was rejected (not meet commercial purposes) ! feedback please!
upbeat positive

sounds nice but it sounds like its dragging…the claps have to much reverb or something which is making it sound dragged along…maybe the Ukulele progression as well. I can’t put it into words but thats the only thing i can think of.

what do you mean dragged along?

it sounds off time at some points…

if thats the issue it should be soft rejected ! but i dont find this off time ! and if the claps harm the track its like 1 minute work to fix this ! you see my point? the mix is ok ! the masterin also ok ! cant find anythin else !
i can find countless ukulele tracks that luck of a proper production !
anyway thanx for the feedback brother ! :smile:

sorry and the comments was that this not meet commercial purposes ! nothing about the quality or the mix !