What's wrong with this track? What do you think?

Maybe I don’t understand something, but in my opinion the track sounds quite in stock. Am I wrong?

I really like it! I’m gonna go out on a limb and say this might has to do with the energy level being very high right off the bat. It kinda surprised me. The track might benefit from having the first few drum hits being lowered a quite a few dbs and something like a low pass on the guitar with the cutoff rising thorough the first few bars. It would also give the song room to rise in intensity as it unravels.

I was not sure about this so I actually tried slowly rising the volume knob of my computer during the first 20 seconds of your track to test what it would sound like :grin:


Thanks for your opinion

Hi! I am not an expert so take my opinion with “wisdom” :wink:

I would have liked more bass, then there is a strange synth sound on top of everything that I find a bit annoying, and maybe repeating the theme too many times isn’t a good idea. I like the sound a lot, however, I wish I could make something like this.


+1 on the repeats

Thanks for your feedback @Giuseppe-Piol.

That’s what i can here:

  • Hi-hat sounds very quiet.
  • No hardware in all track (crashes, china etc).
  • Too long low frequency tail after drum kick that fills all space which should belong to bass guitar.
  • Not enough bass guitar (too quiet and not clear if compare to the level of all instruments in mix)
  • Saw synth is too loud.
  • +1 about repeats (use at least two riffs in one track)
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Tganks for your advice @Music-Panda