What's Wrong With This Track? Constructive Crit appreciated

Could it be the mic I’m using, or just that the song is shit haha?
It got rejected today


I think that reject for bad quality of the track, I mean mixing and mastering…
You should work harder on your prodaction, watch more tutorials, videos, listen music here on AJ and try to reach that quality and sound.


Thanks! If you were to pinpoint specifically what isn’t amazing with the mixing/mastering here, what would that be?
To my ear, the sound just seems not as clear and maybe that’s due to the mic I used (RODE NT1A)

tambourine is too close, as a snare too
and I think, that the arrangement is too poor

There are some nice ideas and repeated phrases here, compositionally you’ve got a good ear for how to put something together.

The problem lies in the execution and production. For example: the three note repeated figure that is doubled in the intro is very sloppy, you can hear slight timing problems throughout, it needs to be played and edited to be much more tight. There are a lot of performance/timing issues like this throughout. Lots of other parts, while good ideas, are too mechanical.

The mixing is quite a ways off the mark, especially in this genre where people are releasing stuff that would rival anything you hear on the radio in terms of mixing and production… it’s gonna take a lot of work to get to a point where you can compete in this genre in particular.

But don’t let me bring you down too much, like i said, the ideas and arrangement are solid, just needs some better execution!